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Resume Writing Services

When you are in the market for a new career, nothing will help more than an updated resume. Have you sent your resume to numerous employers and haven't received even 1 response? It may not be your qualifications that are holding you back, it may be your resume writing. Many people send outdated resumes, have poor or average resume writing skills, improperly formatted resumes, or even send resumes that don't pertain to the position they are applying for. If this has been you at one point, it may be safe to say your resume was discarded soon after it was skimmed over. Skimmed over? Yes, todays employers are receiving an average of 50+ resumes within just days of posting a new job opportunity. Often times these resumes are skimmed over quickly by human resource personnel to check for qualifications, grammatical errors, your command of the language, your resume writing skills as well as your experiences. If your resume writing doesn't cut it, it will be trashed immediately.

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Your resume must stand out from the rest, it should be interesting and quickly highlight why you should be considered for the position. DAVON Wright's professional resume writing services aims to do just that. With DAVON Wright's professional resume writing services, we will customize and write you a powerful resume, personally crafted according to your individual characteristics. We thoroughly analyze your career goals, objective and previous work experiences to write a resume that highlights your strengths and is geared toward your ideal career. Factuality, clarity and presentation are our main concerns, so we clarify the data with you throughout the resume writing process by e-mail and phone conversations administered by our support team and your assigned professional resume writer.

We treat each customer like our very first with specialized attention and we commit ourselves to great customer service because your satisfaction is our measure of excellence. In our effort to meet your expectations, we provide you with unlimited professional resume writing revisions until your satisfied with the final resume. We want you to be confident in presenting your resume to your prospective employers.

Did you know? Job seekers are 40% more likely to get noticed with a professionally written resume.

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Offering the best quality resume services

Our resume services are affordable and yield a quick turn-around time so you can begin submitting your new resume to employers right away. There are many resume services to choose from but ensuring you select a resume service that will create a resume that will grab and hold the attention of the person reading it while representing you in a professional manner and highlighting your skills should be most important. If you would like more information about our resume services before selecting a package, give us a call at 1(888)783-5915, option 0.

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How It Works:

After you have chosen a professional resume services package and have submitted your payment, one of our consultants will contact you to extract as much pertinent information as possible, enabling us to produce an outstanding, results driven resume. Upon receiving all necessary information, you can expect your first draft within 3 business days from the day of your order. For an additional fee, priority service can be requested and you can expect your first draft within 24 hours.

Choosing a package:

Bronze- If you are a new graduate or have 5 years of work experience or less
Silver- If you have 6-9 years of work experience or 2-5 places of employment
Gold- If you have 10+ years of work experience or 5-10 places of employment
Platinum- For C-Level Executives & Partners, including: CEO, CFO, CIO, CAO, COO, CMO, etc.

All packages include: A custom resume, custom cover letter and an interview follow-up letter

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DAVON Wright Recruiting & Staffing Solutions carefully analyzes the needs of your business in hiring new employees.


Before submitting a candidate, research, interviews and a thorough screening is conducted to ensure a great fit.


Our agency implements unique strategies in discovering, screening and verifying candidates in our recruiting efforts.